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Vanderfield stock a great range of STIHL Lawn and Garden Equipment for all your garden power tool needs, you can trust they’ll look after you. Check out the full range available by clicking on the links below or visit us in one of our Vanderfield branches list below. If you find something you like and need for your garden, you can reserve online and pick up in store!

To buy STIHL equipment is to buy a total package of product and service.  The STIHL range of chainsaws and garden care products is only sold through specialist dealers like Vanderfield – who carry not only products, but spare parts and accessories, and have workshop staff trained by STIHL technicians.


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Make sure you take a look at all the helpful info shared via the STIHL blog or check our the autumn garden tips below


With Autumn comes falling leaves, which means your leaf blower will get a good work out.

For those who simply want to rid their garden of leaves, a lightweight electric or petrol leaf blower will help get you there. Blow the leaves into a pile in the corner of your garden and then collect the pile when you’re done.

A vacuum shredder will suck up the leaves and debris, and you’ll simply need to dispose of the contents in the vacuum bag when you’re done.

If you’re after something quieter, a STIHL cordless blower is the perfect solution. It’s practically silent, lightweight and requires no fuel thanks to its high powered battery.


Autumn is pruning season – it removes dead wood, promotes more flowering, creates a shapely, attractive plant and actually stimulates growth.

Trim your hedges before the onset of winter to keep them compact and bushy. When pruning, always use sharp blades. If the cut is torn or bruised, you’ll slow down the healing process.

A STIHL hedge trimmer‘s blades stay sharper for longer. All you should need to do to maintain the sharpness is spray it with STIHL’s resin spray.

If your blades are looking like they need a little extra TLC, be sure to take it in for a sharpening service at your local STIHL store. It’s quick, cost effective and will lengthen the life and effectiveness of the tool.

Lawn Care

Autumn is the perfect time to feed your lawn. You’ll have noticed the grass growth has slowed a little, mainly due to the cooler nights, but it should still be growing well thanks to the day’s warm weather.

Use a slow release lawn food to encourage a stronger root system and thicker blades. This process will rejuvenate a tired lawn to ready them for the onset of cool winter weather.

Giving your lawn a regular cut (once every 3 or 4 weeks) at no lower than 2.5cm high will put it in good stead for winter, where grass grows much slower.